Unemployment down in Meath and Westmeath

Jobs, Meath, Wesmeath

Meath unemployment down 1,244 people or 12% in 12 months, and Westmeath unemployment down 935 people or 10% in 12 months

Today readers I want to highlight new figures from the Central Statistics Office on the monthly unemployment rate which now stands at 9.8% for the first time since 2009.

The seasonally adjusted number of people who are unemployed fell to a total of 209,700 nationally in May – the lowest level recorded since 2009.

In Westmeath the number stands at 8,725 in April 2015, a fall of 935 people since April 2014 or almost 10%.

In the Castlepollard Social Welfare District covering North East Westmeath 962 people were unemployed in April 2015, down 163 people on April 2014 or 14.5%.

In Meath the number stands at 8,394 in April 2015, a fall of 1,244 people since April 2014 or 12%, one of the highest in the country.

One year ago the unemployment rate stood at 11.7% nationally so it is clear that our plans to tackle unemployment are working.

Through the Action Plan for Jobs and Pathways to Work, people are returning to the workforce. Every one of those new jobs in the last 12 months is a life back on track, it is a family supported, it is human potential fulfilled. We want more of this to happen.

We cannot pause for one second until everyone in Meath, in Westmeath and Ireland who wants a jobs has a job.

My job as a local T.D. and Minister in Government is to ensure we have the right environment for business and employment to thrive, that will remain my priority.

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