Enfield’s Andrew Bushe wins Medal of Excellence at World Skills Competition in Brazil

Enfield, Skills

Andrew Bushe from Enfield

I want to congratulate local man Andrew Bushe, of Enfield, on his Medal of Execellence for Automobile Technology at the World Skills Competition in Brazil last week. He has done Enfield, Meath and Ireland proud.

Andrew Bushe was part of a wider Irish team, including David Morgan from Rathmoylan, and 12 others, who ranked 11th out of 60 countries overall. This was a great achievement. Two Irish team members won gold medals, and eight other competitors including Andrew Bushe were awarded Medals of Excellence.

It was my pleasure to see our Irish World Skills team off to Brazil, and I am so proud now to hear of Team Ireland’s brilliant results, especially Andrew at a local level. These talented young people represent the fantastic skills and talent that our Irish apprentices and trainees have to offer.  I congratulate them all, and would like to thank their trainers and mentors for their important roles in these excellent results. With an increased offering of apprenticeships announced in recent weeks, I have no doubt that future teams will build on this year’s success, and I look forward to seeing Ireland increase our national ranking when following in the footsteps of this brilliant team.

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