Remarks on the Motion of Confidence in An Taoiseach and the Government

Ceann Comhairle,

The Leader of Fianna Fáil constantly talks about Government Spin I wish to deal with facts.  

Firstly, The central charge made against the Taoiseach by the opposition was that he sacked the Garda Commissioner.  The conclusions of the Fennelly Report show that this charge does not stand up.

The facts of the report finds:
· There was no question at the meeting on the 24th March of any proposal being made that the Government consider the removal of the Commissioner from office.  

· The Commission accepts that the Taoiseach did not intend to put pressure on the Garda Commissioner to retire.

· The Commissioner decided to retire; he could have decided otherwise but he did not wish to become embroiled in legal or other conflict with the Government.
When I turn to the motion of confidence in the Government, let’s first remember where we were before taking office in 2011?

– Dark clouds

– On the brink of bankruptcy

– facing mass unemployment

– a nation gripped by despair.

There was no hope.

Four and a half years under the leadership of Enda Kenny, this Fine Gael/ Labour government has brought back hope to people. Confidence has been restored.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people are facing tough times. Importantly – they believe things will get better. In believe things will get better.

This hope is backed up by facts

The facts are:

Unemployment was heading to at 15% and projected to go to 20%.

The Budgetary deficit was at €22bn in 2011, it will be down to €5bn this year.

The cost of Government Borrowings was almost 15%, it is now down to 1.63%

The economy has recovered to the same size as before the crash – but this time it’s real, not based on a property bubble

These are facts.  There is no spin. We do not need to spin the recovery. It is real.

It is real, sustainable and most importantly delivering jobs.

This is an enterprise led recovery built on exports.

This sustainable recovery will give us the ability to pay for improved services that the people deserve.

Now we have to futureproof the economy by investing in Skills, Research and Innovation. And this charge is being led by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.

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