FF efforts to claim credit for recovery are an insult to people’s intelligence – English

Fianna Fáil is guilty of the worst type of political revisionism according to Fine Gael TD for Meath West, Minister Damien English. Minister English was speaking after Fianna Fáil today tried to claim credit for the Irish economic recovery. Fianna Fáil TD Micheal McGrath today claimed that the economic recovery now underway is due to Brian Lenihan’s economic plan which ‘is now working’.

“It’s a bit of a sick joke that Fianna Fail is now trying to claim credit for Ireland’s economic recovery. I doubt those whose lives turned upside down when Fianna Fáil’s property fuelled economy collapsed will see the funny side.

“Let me be very clear, the 125,000 jobs that have been created since this Government launched the Action Plan for jobs in 2012 is by a distance the most significant factor behind our economic recovery. Is Fianna Fáil now trying to take credit for these jobs?

“And as for the notion that this Government implemented Fianna Fáil’s plan, let’s look at the facts:
80% of the taxes introduced by Fianna Fáil were taxes on work. We rejected that approach and set about incentivising work from the start. One of the first acts of this Government was to reverse the €1 cut it made on the minimum wage. We have removed 410,000 from Fianna Fail’s USC tax and reduced its impact on those paying it. Next week’s Budget will, I believe, further diminish its impact on Irish workers.

“Fianna Fail is still fixated on high taxes as is proved by their pre-budget submission today. Today’s pre-budget submission and Michael McGrath’s farcical assertion about Fianna Fáil’s role in the recovery provide further evidence of why they are not fit to be trusted with our economy.

“Thanks to the Irish people, the country is moving in the right direction but the future stability cannot be taken for granted.

“People are not fools. Fianna Fáil should have more respect for their intelligence than to try and rewrite history on a topic which is still a sore point with the Irish people.”

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