National crackdown of habitual burglars will help Meath and Westmeath – English

Law and Order, Meath, North Meath, Wesmeath

With Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald

Local Meath West Fine Gael T.D. and the Minister for Skills, Research
and Innovation Damien English T.D. has stated the new nationwide
crackdown on crime codenamed ‘Operation Thor’ launched today targeting
the worst offenders in the State will benefit Meath and Westmeath.

Six criminal gangs and more than 200 habitual burglars have been
identified by Gardai for Operation Thor.

Among those identified by Gardai are six mobile gangs – based mainly
in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Sligo – who are suspected of carrying
out nightly robberies using high-powered cars on the motorway network,
leaving Counties like Meath and Westmeath particularly vulnerable as
they are well served by the motorway network and easily accessible.

New Garda resources and measures as part of this crackdown will
include regional support units and traffic corps patrolling the
motorway network, backed up by local personnel.

Minister English commented:

“This Government has ended the moratorium on Garda recruitment, with
1,150 Gardaí being recruited. We have invested over €34 million in new
Garda vehicles since 2012 with over 640 new vehicles coming on stream
in 2015, ranging from more Garda patrol cars to high-powered vehicles
for armed units. This will ensure Gardaí can be mobile, visible and
responsive, on the roads and in the community. We are also investing
in airborne surveillance and enhanced technology and ICT systems.

“In addition in excess of €5 million is being committed to support
Operation Thor. This allocation, which includes funding for Garda
overtime will support a combination of additional patrols,
checkpoints, rapid armed response and public awareness measures.”