Census 2016 is the roadmap for the future development of Meath – English

Funding, Meath

Monday, 18th July 2016

The preliminary data published from Census 2016, when backed up by the
full data over the coming year, must be the roadmap for the future
development of Co. Meath, that is the view of the Minister for Housing
and Urban Renewal and local Fine Gael T.D. for Meath West Damien

“I welcome the news that Meath is the fastest growing County in
Ireland with 10,807 new residents, up 5.9%, compared to Dublin at 5.7%
and the rest of the country at 3.7%. This data vindicates the work of
Meath County Council and its Economic Forum in highlight Meath as a
destination of choice to live in, work in and invest in, and I
encourage them to redouble their efforts in the knowledge that Meath
has the right people and the right skills to become the leading County
in the greater Dublin region” stated Minister English.

“In the past I have successfully argued for Meath to get a greater and
fairer share of investment in schools, local roads, health and other key
public services.  This new data sustains and deepens those arguments.
As we move to house and cater for an enhanced population we must do us
so in a sustainable and well planned way, that does not burden us with
problems for the future.  I urge everyone with a stake in the future
of Meath, be it in business, our Local Authority, in the community and
voluntary sector or in any other part of life in Meath to take on
board the data of Census 2016 as it becomes available over the coming
year and use it as our road map for the future of our County”
concluded Minister English.


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