Response to’s Rent Review today Tuesday, 23rd August 2016

Action Plan for Housing, Housing and Urban Renewal, Meath, Rebuilding Ireland, Wesmeath

Response to’s Rent Review today Tuesday, 23rd August 2016:

The quarterly review of rents is a useful piece of research
from one of the leading Irish property websites.  Certainly it further
highlights and diagnoses the problems that have led this new
Partnership Government, my senior Minister Simon Coveney T.D. and
myself to work on and launch the Action Plan for Housing before the
Dáil recess. It is an ambitious plan with key buy in from various
stake holders. There is the political will in all parties for it to
succeed and for us to solve the housing crisis. Now over the coming
weeks and months it is our job in Government, along with stake
holders, to implement it and ensure future reports from, and
other commentators, positively reflect that implementation.  The
housing crisis is a consequence of the crash and burn economics of a
different political era.  In fostering the recovery our key priority
has been, and will be, to ensure it is a fair and regionally balanced
recovery, about real people, and not just about economic statistics.

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