English welcomes consistent fall in unemployment – 175,000 people back to work

Action Plan for Jobs, Jobs, Meath, Navan

Friday, 4th November 2016

English welcomes consistent fall in unemployment – 175,000 people back to work

Meath playing its part with Shire planning permission says local Minister

“I welcome the news this month that unemployment has again fallen to
7.7%.  This is one of the lowest figures in the E.U., where we also
remain the fastest growing economy.  It represents the success of the
Action Plan for Jobs nationally since February 2012 with 175,000 new
jobs since then.  It also shows the success of local efforts like
Meath County Council’s own Economic Development Plan.  The news that
Shire has been granted its planning permission in Dunboyne shows that
Meath is open for business and is a jobs friendly County. I want to
compliment Meath County Council staff for their work in promoting
enterprise and investment.  As a Minister in Government and as a Meath
T.D. I will continue to work for inward investment for the County, and
help local firms who want to expand” stated Minister English.

“Every new job represents hope restored, it represents an individual
or a family with a new income and equality of opportunity to engage
fully in our country.   As we near full employment again it also means
Government has more resources to tackle the many social issues and
vital public services in need of attention. This is why jobs and
reaching full employment again must remain our focus” concluded
Minister English.


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