Minister English congratulates Tabor House on 10th Anniversary celebration


Earlier today Sunday, 31st May 2015, I joined with the Bishop of Meath Michael Smith , Lord Mayor of Dublin Cllr. Christy Burke, and local dignitaries at an event wishing Tabor House, Trim Road, Navan, founded by Sr. Catherine Lillis, a happy 10th Anniversary.

Tabor House is a residential secondary addiction treatment centre, located at Trim Road, Navan. It runs a four month programme emphasising group therapy, one to one counselling, personal responsibility, peer support, retraining and work skills, and participation in a twelve step programme.

Alcohol and wider addictions are huge problems for our society. They present costs to our health service through our A&E’s, to our Justice system, but most importantly a human cost, to those trapped in the addiction, their families and friends. The work of Tabor House, of Sister Lillis and her team, is a refuge in the storm and a light of hope in the darkness.

A 10th anniversary like this is a time of both celebration and of reflection. It is a time to salute the work of staff, of volunteers, the Board of Directors past and present, fundraisers past and present, all of those in whatever way, big or small, who help make that light of hope happen. The work of Tabor House saves lives, and helps change lives. It deserves the full support of Navan and Meath people to make the next 10 years equally as successful.

The aim of Tabor House is to assist men in early recovery to develop and maintain an abstinence based lifestyle and improve quality of life.

The objective of Tabor House is to continue to deliver a high quality abstinence based addiction treatment for addicted men in early recovery.