€1,063,400 extra for Meath roads

North Meath, Roads, Transport


I have consistently said that the roads money raised locally by Meath County Council and allocated nationally to Meath County Council needs topping up by National Government. This is most evident in North Meath, but there are problems that need attention County wide too.  I am delighted to say myself and my Oireachtas colleagues in Government in Meath have achieved extra funding for a 3rd year running.

€1,063,400 has been allocated.  I hope that work can begin promptly to put this extra money to its most appropriate and maximum use.  As I have said before, like any household or business we will not get all the money to fix our problems in one go. This is however the 3rd year that the Council’ resources have been topped up.  With a few more years of consistent investment this is a problem we can get on top of.

We need solid, steady economic growth nationally to continue so we have the resources to spread around to areas in need like North Meath.