Unemployment falling to 6.4% is welcome news, but further to go

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Tuesday, 4th April 2017

The CSO has today published monthly unemployment statistics for March
2017 which have been welcomed by Damien English, Minister for Housing
and Urban Renewal and Fine Gael T.D. for Meath West.

“The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continues to fall. In March the
unemployment rate was 6.4% down from 6.6% in February 2017 and down from 8.3%
in March 2016. This means that there were 141,400 persons (83,500 men,
and 57,900 women) classified as being unemployed in March 2017”
Minister English said.

“We have made fantastic progress under the Action Plan for Jobs
nationally, and under our Regional Action Plans locally.  We cannot
pause and we cannot rest until we restore all of the jobs lost in the
recession and create new jobs and new opportunities for our fast
growing population. Jobs and the taxes that come from them are how we
build our society and our vital public services” concluded Minister


English welcomes consistent fall in unemployment – 175,000 people back to work

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Friday, 4th November 2016

English welcomes consistent fall in unemployment – 175,000 people back to work

Meath playing its part with Shire planning permission says local Minister

“I welcome the news this month that unemployment has again fallen to
7.7%.  This is one of the lowest figures in the E.U., where we also
remain the fastest growing economy.  It represents the success of the
Action Plan for Jobs nationally since February 2012 with 175,000 new
jobs since then.  It also shows the success of local efforts like
Meath County Council’s own Economic Development Plan.  The news that
Shire has been granted its planning permission in Dunboyne shows that
Meath is open for business and is a jobs friendly County. I want to
compliment Meath County Council staff for their work in promoting
enterprise and investment.  As a Minister in Government and as a Meath
T.D. I will continue to work for inward investment for the County, and
help local firms who want to expand” stated Minister English.

“Every new job represents hope restored, it represents an individual
or a family with a new income and equality of opportunity to engage
fully in our country.   As we near full employment again it also means
Government has more resources to tackle the many social issues and
vital public services in need of attention. This is why jobs and
reaching full employment again must remain our focus” concluded
Minister English.


Fall of 36.5% in Meath Live Register as local economy strengthens – English

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Fine Gael TD for Meath West, Damien English, has said that the steady reduction in the number of people signing on the Live Register in Meath is strengthening the growing local economy.

“The latest CSO data shows that the Live Register in Meath has fallen by 36.5% since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs in 2012, while the national unemployment rate is now 8.9%.

“We are seeing economic progress, with over 135,000 more people at work, but we cannot take for granted that stability and recovery will continue. It is also important that we ensure the recovery continues to spread to all parts of the country, including here in Meath.

“A drop in the number of people signing on the Live Register is very positive and highlights the growth in the local economy. More people in work creates the resources to cut taxes for working people and invest in better services.

“It is important that jobs are created that pay more than welfare and where hard work is rewarded. Fine Gael has a plan to ensure that parents earning the minimum wage receive a top-up to encourage them to enter the work-force. This move will also support small local businesses.

“Plans are also in place to eliminate the USC during the term of the next Government. This harsh tax, introduced by Fianna Fáil, is a burden on workers and I have been working for some time on behalf of the people of Meath to get rid of it.

“This Government will work to keep the economic recovery going, which helps to provide better services for all of society. The Regional Action Plan for Jobs is being rolled out to drive further job creation in Meath and I am optimistic that the numbers signing onto the Live Register will continue to fall as the Government continues to implement our plan.”

Consistent reductions in Meath unemployment will help to keep the economic recovery going – English

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Damien English, Fine Gael TD and Mnister of State at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has said that the consistent reductions in the Meath unemployment figures will help to keep the economic recovery going.

“CSO figures for October show that the Live Register has dropped by 35.16% in Meath since the launch of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs in February 2012.  This is the highest drop in the country.

“When this Government took office, we promised to fix the public finances, restore growth in the economy and get people back to work. The task now is to finish the job and keep that recovery going. Crucial to this is continued job creation and the consistent decreases in unemployment since 2012 are certainly helping to keep the economic recovery going in Meath.

“Replicating this all over the country via our Regional Action Plans for Jobs is how this Government will achieve its plan to see all the jobs lost during the economic crisis replaced by 2018.

“Budget 2016 introduced a whole range of pro jobs measures, as it incentivises innovative startups, rewards successful entrepreneurs and makes sure that the jobs that are created will really pay. It reduces the general tax burden which helps businesses create employment. It begins the process of tax equalisation for the self-employed in order to support job creators. The Budget also maintains the 9% VAT rate for the hospitality sector which will continue to assist small business owners working in the tourism sector, which has been such an integral part of our economic recovery. A modest but significant increase in the minimum wage ensures that work pays more than welfare, while Employers’ PRSI has been adjusted to cater for these wage increases to ensure that neither employees or employers are worse off.

“This Government will work to keep the economic recovery going which helps us to provide better services for all of society. Crucial to this is the ongoing job creation successes we are seeing in Meath and right across the country.”