3rd Meath Special Olympic Winner

Meath, Navan, Special Olympics


It is great news this morning, Saturday, to learn of a 3rd Meath Special Olympic Medal winner.

Well deserved congratulations go to Rosemary O’Reilly from Collierstown, Tara, who took a Silver Medal in the Golf Individual Skills on day six at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Rosemary, as our 3rd Meath medal winner, boosts our spirits in this County, and remind us all of the unifying power of sport.

Minister English congratulates Liam Foley on Bronze Medal

Enfield, Meath, Special Olympics


After the Gold success yesterday with Francie Power from Navan Arch Club, it is brilliant to learn this morning of the Special Olympic success of 17-year-old Liam Foley from Enfield, who took a Bronze medal in the badminton singles.

Liam and Francie are doing Meath proud, and Team Ireland are doing Ireland proud again too in Los Angeles. It warms the heart and renews all our enthusiasm for sport and participation in something greater than ourselves.

Minister English congratulates local man Francie Power on Gold Medal win

Navan, Special Olympics

Francie Power

Navan Arch Club member wins Gold in Table Tennis in the Special Olympics in Los Angeles

Great news this morning as learn that Navan Arch Club member Francie Power had a Gold Medal win in Table Tennis at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

I join with all of Navan and Meath in congratulating Francie on his achievement for himself personally, his family and friends, and for Ireland. Francie’s victory highlights all that is best about the competitive hard working spirit of Meath people.

It is a great honour for the Navan Arch Club, and its many hard working volunteers and supporters who can and will be so proud of their colleague.